You're probably asking, "What's a cryptid?"

Despite common beliefs, the term cryptid can be applied to: 

  • Creatures from myth, legend, and folklore, i.e. Chupacabra, Jersey Devil, etc.
  • Creatures believed to be supernatural or paranormal entities, i.e. Fairies, Changelings, etc.
  • Extinct creatures said to still inhabit specific areas.
  • Known animals in areas far from their normal habitat, i.e. Kangaroos in North America.
  • Known animals of an unusual size or appearance, i.e. Giant New York rats.
  • Animals that don’t resemble any known species, i.e The Blobfish.
  • Known hoaxes, whether taxidermy, Photoshop, false accounts or otherwise (yes, even Creepypasta characters), i.e. Animal Planet’s Mermaid documentary. 

Usually, a creature is a cryptid when there is some evidence for its existence- infamous blurry photos, audio recordings, footprints, remains, and eyewitness accounts are all considered to be evidence- whether they are obviously faked or not. This makes cryptozoology both fun and frustrating.


Cryptids are pretty dope, bro.

Yea, I know! 😩😎 

That's why I decided to start selling merchandise based around them! I design all the art you see and handprint each shirt, bag, sock, and whatever else that gets sent to you guys! It's very time consuming but it's a lot of fun. 

Voodoo Dolls in a line

Not to be rude, but why is everything so cheap?

I assure you it's not because my stuff is low quality! I grew up poor. Point blank. And all the cool stuff I wanted as a kid was just too expensive for what seemed like no reason. To quote Macklemore, "Fifty-dollars for a t-shirt?" 

Yea, I'm not a fan of jacked up prices for no flippin' reason. It's not fair!  I like to make my stuff affordable for the people out there that grew up like me and even for the people out there that didn't. Saving money is just dope, ya know?